• Choir - 1989


    KT, London

  • Choir - 1992


    London Bible College.

  • Choir - 1995


    Chalk Farm, London

  • Choir - 2000


    Plaistow, London

  • IMG 20180912 163353


    Kings Cross, London

መዘምራን - Choir

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The idea to launch our "A Choir" was formed back in 1988 by our young church members at the time. The journey started at KT where we used to worship God every Saturday afternoon. Since launching the choir, we have had a wonderful time of worshiping God through writing music and ministering brothers and sisters.

"B choir" was formed when our church were gathered to worship at Chalk Farm Baptist church in 1994 by a group of youth at the time. The two choir groups dicided to minister together around 1999 and merged into one group later that year.

Over the years, it was a blessing to serve with singers and musicians from different churches. All of our members have one thing in common and that is a strong love to worship God in singing and being part of one big choir family.

  • Southport - 1987

  • London Bible College - 1989

  • London Bible College - 1991

  • East London 2005

  • Chalk Farm, London - 1996